VIDEO: Gary Returns to Fans as a YouTuber!

Sep 18, 2018

VIDEO: Gary Returns to Fans as a YouTuber!
Korean hip-hop artist Gary seems ready to return to his fans again.

Recently, Gary created his own channel on YouTube, the largest video-sharing website in the world.

After joining YouTube, Gary has been actively uploading videos showing his daily life, from him learning Chinese to boxing.

For his international fans, Gary kindly added English subtitles on his videos as well.GaryEven though it has only been about three weeks since Gary created his channel, the number of the subscribers exceeded 10,000 already.

It might make you think Gary has completely turned himself into a YouTuber now, but in one of his videos, he explained that he is doing YouTube just for fun.GaryIn one other video though, he did mention the reason behind his sudden disappearance from the entertainment industry and desire to jump into something new, possibly referring to YouTube.

Gary wrote a message over a video in English, "I've worked tirelessly for the past 20 years and I love every minute of it, but the stress wore me down. I needed a break and some time to myself."

He continued, "My future seemed bleak while taking a break from work and people, but I don't have any regrets. What shall I do to find happiness in my life? What I do know is that thinking doesn't bring happiness. Stop thinking, just DO it. Leaving my comfort zone, I want to experience and learn new things."  

Debuted in 1996, Gary had been a member of various groups before becoming a member of LEESSANG in 2002.

Then in 2010, Gary joined SBS' variety show 'Running Man', but suddenly announced his departure from the show in October 2016.GarySince then, Gary led a quiet life, even getting married and having a son without publicizing the news.

Fans are overjoyed to find out they are able to see and interact with Gary on YouTube now.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'KANG GARY' YouTube, 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram)

(SBS Star)