5 Stars Who Make Us Drool with Their Amazing Food!

Sep 19, 2018

5 Stars Who Make Us Drool with Their Amazing Food!
There seems to be a lot of talented Korean stars.

Not only they are good at what they do for living such as acting, singing, and dancing, but are also incredibly great in other areas like art, language, mathematics, and so on.

These five stars below have the ability to impress people with their food.

Let's take a look at the five stars who can cook food that makes you instantly drool!

1. JIN from BTSJINFor some time after JIN made debut, he has shown himself cooking various types of food from steak to Korean stir-fry spicy pork dish.

Those dishes seem easy to make, but are actually very tough in reality.

2. Yoona from Girls' GenerationYoonaIt has been said that Yoona frequently cooks for the members of Girls' Generation as she enjoys cooking.

She has proven her excellent cooking skills through variety shows, including 'Hyori's Home Stay 2' and 'GIRLS FOR REST'.

3. Park Bo GumPark Bo GumWhen Park Bo Gum was in 'Hyori's Home Stay 2', he amazed the viewers by cooking an amazing rice cake soup with ease.

He also said himself that he is able to cook a lot of different kind of dishes.

4. KEY from SHINeeKEYOne of the hobbies that KEY has is to cook.

In a variety show 'Chungdam KEYchen', KEY even managed to completely replicate the tast of his favorite dishes from restaurants that he went to before.

5. Jung Joon YoungJung Joon YoungJung Joon Young is a delicate cook who not only focuses on the taste of his food, but also on plating it.

He even runs a blog where he shares foods that he has made.

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