VIDEO: Koo Ha Ra & Her Boyfriend Captured Together Right After the Assault

Sep 19, 2018

VIDEO: Koo Ha Ra & Her Boyfriend Captured Together Right After the Assault
Former member of K-pop girl group KARA/actress Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriend were captured on camera in an elevator right after the assault.

On September 19, SBS funE exclusively obtained the footage that showed Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriend leaving the apartment right after when they claimed the assault happened.
Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriendPreviously at 3:20AM on September 13, Gangnam Police Station received a report from Koo Ha Ra's boyfriend that Koo Ha Ra physically assaulted him at her apartment around 12:30AM.

He reportedly said that Koo Ha Ra used violence against him when he said he wanted to break up with her.

The next day, Koo Ha Ra's management agency revealed that Koo Ha Ra had been admitted to hospital for physical injuries.

For a few days after the incident, the police were unable to make progress with their investigation as they could not reach both parties.Koo Ha RaThen on September 15, her boyfriend came forward and claimed that the assault was completely one-sided in one interview.

Soon after that, however, Koo Ha Ra publicized pictures that showed her body full of bruises, proving she was also the victim of the assault.

On September 17 and 18, Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriend each headed to Gangnam Police Station for hours of questioning.
Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriendThe released footage shows Koo Ha Ra and her boyfriend getting into an elevator with a third person at 1:20AM.

Her boyfriend and the third person hold some bags and clothes in their hands, which looked like his belongs he had at Koo Ha Ra's apartment.

While the elevator took them to the basement floor, he is seen smoking a cigarette and looking at himself in the mirror.

When they get down to the carpark, they have a short conversation, and Koo Ha Ra leaves calling somebody on her phone.

According to a media outlet Dispatch, Koo Ha Ra's boyfriend first e-mailed them saying he wanted to make a report about Koo Ha Ra at around 1:26AM, then again at 4:20AM.Koo Ha RaAfter her questioning on September 18, Koo Ha Ra told the media, "We were a happy couple before all this. One small misunderstanding led to a fight, but it became bigger than we had expected. This fight between my boyfriend and I are not just one person's fault. We are both responsible for all this."

She added, "I would like to forgive the person who I used to love. I also would like him to forgive me. He is talented and someone to be respected. I would like him to restart everything for his bright future."

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE, Yonhap News Agency, 'koohara__' Instagram)

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