7 K-pop Idols with Attractive Smiley Eyes!

Sep 20, 2018

7 K-pop Idols with Attractive Smiley Eyes!
The smile that makes wrinkles around eyes fascinates people.

With lips going up and eyes closed half, the celebrities naturally mesmerize the public.

The smiley eyes express cuteness of a person and creates completely different charms.

Here are the seven K-pop boy band members who have melted the hearts of fans with their smiley eyes.K-pop Idols1. Kang Daniel from Wanna One

Kang Daniel's unique, shy smile melts the viewers.

Unlike the times when he is on stage as a professional artist, his smiley eyes bring up unexpected side of Kang Daniel and enthrall people.K-pop Idols2. BAEKHYUN from EXO

BAEKHYUN's already known as the prince of smiley eyes among his fans.

His bright smile makes the viewers feel happy.K-pop Idols3. Lim Hyun Shik from BTOB

Lim Hyun Shik is known as the one with gentle smile.

Although he looks very charismatic and cold when he does not have any facial expressions, his smile expresses his gentle and calm aspect.K-pop Idols4. V from BTS

V was elected as the one with the most handsome face from the list of the '100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017' led by TC Candler.

With his worldwide reputation on his appearance, V has charming smiles and smiley eyes that grab attention from both men and women.K-pop Idols5. BAEKHO from NU'EST

BAEKHO has smiley eyes that resemble puppies.

He mimicked puppies and made warm smiley eyes, which soon captivate the public.K-pop Idols6. BOBBY from iKON

BOBBY is renowned to be the master of smiley eyes among his fans.

Although he has deep, husky voice and does charismatic performances on stage as a rapper, his smiley eyes shown down from the stage unveil another side of him.K-pop Idols7. Lee Gi Kwang from Highlight

Lee Gi Kwang is famous for performing charismatic dance.

But when he smiles, his eyes get small with gentle glare, and he expresses his charm just like a younger brother.

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