EXO D.O.'s Love for This Cute Dog at the Filming Site Never Ends!

Sep 20, 2018

EXO D.O.'s Love for This Cute Dog at the Filming Site Never Ends!
K-pop boy group EXO's member D.O. is in love with a dog at the filming site of his drama.

On September 18, tvN's drama '100 Days My Prince' released behind the scenes footage from the making of the drama.

A non-cast member appears in this footage, and that is one production crew's cute little dog 'Deok-gu'.100 Days My Prince Making FilmAs soon as D.O. sees Deok-gu quietly standing around the filming site, he excitedly says "Hi!", and starts petting her right away.

Then, he asks Deok-gu for her hand and shakes it while looking at her with eyes filled with hearts.D.O.D.O.Before giving the dog a kiss, D.O. says, "She is so lovely.", in a tone of voice that shows how much he has already fallen for Deok-gu.D.O.D.O.'s love for Deok-gu does not stop here; he keeps coming back to her during his break and even decides to hold her in his arms at one point.D.O.After fans watched this footage, they wrote comments such as "I wish I were Deok-gu, and I'm not joking here.", "Awww this is so sweet!", "D.O., you do know that you are just as adorable as Deok-gu, right?", and so on!

Meanwhile, '100 Days My Prince' began broadcasting its episodes on September 10.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '백일의 낭군님' NAVER TV, Online Community)

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