Yang Se Jong Shows Flawless Acting with a Dog Despite His Fur Allergy

Sep 20, 2018

Yang Se Jong Shows Flawless Acting with a Dog Despite His Fur Allergy
Korean actor Yang Se Jong demonstrated his strong passion for 'Still 17' by flawlessly acting his role with a dog despite having a fur allergy.

On September 18, Yang Se Jong wrapped up his drama 'Still 17', which achieved the highest viewing rate in the time slot.

'Still 17' was able to succeed, because the viewers loved the story, chemistry of the characters, and Yang Se Jong's great acting that almost felt like his character was real himself.Still 17Surprisingly, a dog named 'Deok-gu' played an important role in making Yang Se Jong's character 'Gong Woo-jin' stand out even more in the drama.

Gong Woo-jin was a guy who did not want to interact with anyone in the world, but he took great care of Deok-gu.

In order to portray this character well, Yang Se Jong had to spend a lot of his time with Deok-gu during the shooting of the drama.Yang Se JongEven though Yang Se Jong looked fine with Deok-gu in the drama, it later turned out he had a hard time filming with Deok-gu as he is allergic to fur.

One of the production crew said, "Yang Se Jong is allergic to fur, but those scenes with him and Deok-gu were necessary for the plot. So, Yang Se Jong had no choice but to take his allergy medicine while shooting the drama."Yang Se Jong'Still 17' was a romance drama which illustrated the story of Gong Woo-jin, a 30-year-old man working as a stage designer, and 'Woo Seo-ri' (actress Shin Hae Sun), who believed she was still 17 after waking up from a 13-year-long coma.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Still 17)

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