Kim Jong-kook Expresses How Desperately He Wants to Get Married

Sep 20, 2018

Kim Jong-kook Expresses How Desperately He Wants to Get Married
Korean singer Kim Jong-kook expressed how desperate he is about getting married at the moment.

On September 16 episode of SBS variety show 'My Little Old Boy', Kim Jong-kook revealed his honest feelings regarding marriage.

On this day, Kim Jong-kook and singer Hong Jin Young took turns taking a lie detector test after having a meal together with Kim Jong-kook's friends at one villa outside of Seoul.

When it was Kim Jong-kook's turn, his manager asked, "Do you want to get married?"

Without delay, Kim Jong-kook answered, "Of course, I desperately want to get married."My Little Old BoyA few seconds later, the lie detector turned green, which meant that he was not lying.

Then, Hong Jin Young asked another question, "Would choose working out over marriage?"My Little Old BoyKim Jong-kook answered with confidence, "No, I would choose marriage."

Again, the light of the lie detector turned green.My Little Old BoyThen, the manager threw an interesting question, "Have you kissed anyone in the last six months?"

Kim Jong-kook said no to this question, but the light turned red this time, meaning it was a lie.My Little Old BoyAfter seeing the light turning red, Hong Jin Young and his friends became all shocked and started going wild.

Watch Kim Jong-kook taking the lie detector test below!

(Lee Narin, Credit= My Little Old Boy)

(SBS Star)