ZICO Shares the North Korean Audience's Reaction to His Hip-hop Stage

Sep 21, 2018

ZICO Shares the North Korean Audience's Reaction to His Hip-hop Stage
K-pop boy group Block B's leader ZICO, who recently visited North Korea, shared his experience at up North.

On September 18, ZICO traveled to Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea to perform at the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit.
ZICO (Yonhap)ZICO successfully completed the performance and returned to Seoul on September 20 and shared his experience.

In a phone interview with Yonhap News Agency, ZICO first talked about the beautiful scenery of Mount Paekdu in North Korea.
Mount Paekdu (Yonhap)He said, "It was unbelievably beautiful, and it almost blew my mind. You can't capture it with your eyes, and you have to use the panorama mode on your camera. You basically have to rotate 360 degrees to catch the entire view."

During the show held on September 18, South Korean first lady Kim Jung-sook introduced ZICO as "the hottest person of the delegation".

In regard to this, ZICO commented, "She really introduced me that way. Then I said, 'I'm ZICO a singer. Glad to meet you'."

He continued, "I was worried that hip-hop might not fit with the event since it's relatively an unfamiliar genre to them. But the audience's reaction was beyond my expectation."

He added, "I usually say 'Put your hands up' in English for my performances, but I said it in Korean instead. Then the entire audience put their hands up high."
2018 Inter-Korean Summit (Yonhap)The two Koreas' summit in Pyongyang―the third inter-Korean summit of the year―took place on September 18 to 20.

President Moon Jae-in's visit was the first by a South Korean leader to the North Korean capital in 11 years.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency, SBS News, 'woozico0914' Instagram)

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