iKON Is YG's Hip-hop Group, But JU-NE Says He Hates Hip-hop?

Sep 21, 2018

iKON Is YG's Hip-hop Group, But JU-NE Says He Hates Hip-hop?
JU-NE from K-pop boy group iKON revealed that hip-hop is not his preferred style of music despite being a member of YG Entertainment's hip-hop group.

On September 20 episode of tvN's variety show 'Life Bar', JU-NE and the group's leader B.I joined the talk as guests.

When the hosts asked JU-NE join B.I's talk about hip-hop, he blurted out something that shocked everyone.Life BarHe said, "I'm not a fan of hip-hop. I like rock, rock ballad in particular. I actually came to hate hip-hop even more after..."

B.I cut him off here in shock and asked, "Did you really hate hip-hop that much?"Life BarLife BarJU-NE answered, "No, what I meant was that I didn't like hip-hop nor dislike hip-hop in the past. Some time ago, we released a song called 'BLING BLING', which is just hip-hop itself. The choreography, raps, and even the style of singing were strongly influenced by hip-hop."Life BarHe went on, "After ending the promotion with 'BLING BLING', I found myself avoiding hip-hop. 'LOVE SCENARIO' was a little different, though. It's also a hip-hop track, but it is mild."

Then he suddenly said, "But you know what? B.I isn't that much of a hip-hop person either."Life BarB.I responded, "That's because I have to write songs for our group. I love hip-hop, but I believe soft hip-hop songs go better with iKON."

He playfully added, "I mean, JU-NE says he hates that kind of hip-hop, how can I make him do something he hates?"Life BarLife BarMeanwhile, iKON is scheduled to make a comeback with the title track 'GOODBYE ROAD' on October 1.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Life Bar)

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