Former Wonder Girls Seonye is Expecting Her Third Child!

Sep 21, 2018

Former Wonder Girls Seonye is Expecting Her Third Child!
Seonye, the former member of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, announced the pregnancy of her third child.

On September 21, Seonye's management agency Polaris Entertainment released an official statement informing that Seonye and her husband are expecting their third child.
SeonyeThe full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Polaris Entertainment.

We are happy to share delightful news near Chuseok holiday.

Our artist Seonye is expecting her third child. Both Seonye and the baby are in a healthy state, and the baby is due in January.

As Seonye and the baby's health is the top priority, we couldn't deliver the news by the time when Seonye signed her exclusive contract with the agency. We ask for your kind understanding on this matter.

Seonye is currently focusing on the prenatal care, and the agency is also waiting for the baby to born with full of blessings.

Seonye, her husband and her two daughters are also looking forward to welcoming the baby next year.

Please send your warm blessings and support to Seonye and her family. Thank you.
SeonyeSeonye debuted as the leader of Wonder Girls in 2007, and officially left the group in 2015 after her marriage.

(Credit= Polaris Entertainment, SBS funE) 

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