The Song Triplets' Trip to France!

Sep 27, 2018

The Song Triplets' Trip to France!
The adorable Song triplets are now 7-year-olds!
The Song TripletsRecently, actor Song Il Kook shared photos of his sons that are taken in France on his social media account.
The Song TripletsIt seems like the family went on a trip to France, and they all look extra happy while posing in front of beautiful scenery and buildings of the country.
The Song TripletsThe Song TripletsThe Song triplets―Daehan, Minguk and Manse received incessant love from the public after their appearance on KBS' reality show 'Superman Is Back'.
The Song TripletsThey were only babies back on the show, but now, they all have turned 7.
The Song TripletsDaehan, Minguk and Manse are growing with incredible speed, don't they?

(Credit= 'songilkook' Instagram)

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