JIN Is Being Called 'BTS Collector' for This Hilarious Reason

Sep 28, 2018

JIN Is Being Called 'BTS Collector' for This Hilarious Reason
JIN is being called 'BTS collector' for a funny reason.

On September 26, K-pop boy group BTS made an appearance on an American morning television show 'Good Morning America'.

On this day, hundreds of fans gathered outside the studio at Times Square, New York City to see BTS.
After the show, the members of BTS said goodbye to their fans by going around the studio.

While all other members had already left the studio, V continued brightly smiling to each one of his fans without knowing that.

This was when JIN noticed V still waving his hands to fans.

Then, JIN quickly grabbed the back of V's clothing, and dragged V with him.

JIN looked like a responsible older brother making sure his excited little brother was with him at a theme park.
In fact, JIN's fellow members have been 'collected' by him several times in the past. 

JIN has always taken good care of BTS members who would sit in the wrong place, joke around too much, and so on.BTSBTSMeanwhile, BTS is busy holding its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' in North America.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'TimesSquareNYC' 'GMA' 'BTS_twt' 'TO_MY_DARLINGV' Twitter, Online Community)

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