VIDEO: "Hey, 'You, You, You'! Fall Into WJSN's Irresistible Charms!"

Sep 28, 2018

VIDEO: "Hey, 'You, You, You'! Fall Into WJSN's Irresistible Charms!"
K-pop girl group WJSN enchanted the audience with a magical performance.

On September 23 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', WJSN unveiled two new tracks 'You, You, You' and 'Save Me, Save You'.

'You, You, You' and 'Save Me, Save You' are from WJSN's fifth mini album 'WJ Please?' released on September 19.WJSNFirst, WJSN showcased 'You, You, You', one of the side tracks of the album.

'You, You, You' is a dancepop track that has cute lyrics and lovely melodies that go well with WJSN.

In the lyrics, WJSN members say, "When did you come to me?", "If I kiss you, then just close your eyes.", "Don't let go of me from your head. Don't erase me from your head.", and they go on.

Next, WJSN performed the title track 'Save Me, Save You'.

Slightly different from 'You, You, You', 'Save Me, Save You' pleases your ears right from the beginning with the splendid sound of the piano.

When watching 'Save Me, Save You', you will find yourself in the magical world, away from all concerns in your life.

WJSN members will definitely heal your wounded hearts with their sweet voice and heart-warming words.

Are you ready to watch WJSN's enchanting performance?

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

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