BTS V Cries on Stage While Singing 'The Truth Untold'

Oct 1, 2018

BTS V Cries on Stage While Singing 'The Truth Untold'
K-pop boy group BTS member V was spotted crying in the middle of the group's performance.

On September 29, K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin posted photos of V shedding tears during concert at Prudential Center, Newark on his social media account and it garnered a lot of attention among fans all over the world.
BTS VAlong with the photos, Jeff Benjamin commented, "Last night I noticed that V was noticeably emotional during the performance of 'The Truth Untold', mouthing and singing along to nearly the whole song. Today it seemed like he let a tear go. I'm supporting you, V."

To Jeff Benjamin's post, fans commented, "Jewels are falling from his eyes.", "I've listened to the song again and it is really sad.", and "I want to give him a big hug and protect him forever."
Meanwhile, BTS will hold its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' concert at the Citi Field, New York on October 6 (local time) for the first time as a K-pop act.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Jeff__Benjamin' 'pipertaetae'Twitter)

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