Former 2NE1 DARA & CL Get Together in France!

Oct 1, 2018

Former 2NE1 DARA & CL Get Together in France!
K-pop artists DARA and CL, formerly of girl group 2NE1, met up in France and took some cute pictures together.

On October 1, DARA uploaded two pictures taken with CL with the caption, "Lovers in Paris" on her social media account.

In the pictures, DARA and CL make playful poses using a camera filter that makes them become adorable rabbits.  DARA and CLDARA and CLPreviously in September, DARA also had a mini reunion with 2NE1's another former member Minzy.

These gatherings of former 2NE1 members show their great friendship despite the group's disbandment, and therefore are making fans feel all delighted.2NE1DARA, CL, Minzy, and Park Bom debuted as 2NE1 in 2009, and soon risen as one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in history.

2NE1 topped various music charts with its hit tracks such as 'FIRE', 'I DON'T CARE', and 'I AM THE BEST'.

In 2016, however, the four members decided to go their own ways, which disappointed a great number of fans around the world.2NE1Meanwhile, DARA appears on JTBC4's variety show 'MIMI SHOP' and CL is busy promoting her first Hollywood movie 'Mile 22'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'daraxxi' Instagram, '2NE1' Facebook) 

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