WINNER & iKON Members Purposely Avoid SEUNGRI's Phone Calls?

Oct 2, 2018

WINNER & iKON Members Purposely Avoid SEUNGRI's Phone Calls?
SEUNGRI from K-pop boy group BIGBANG embarrassed himself as he found out other YG Entertainment artists have not saved his number on their phone during a live broadcast.

On October 1, SEUNGRI held a live broadcast session called 'Victory V LIVE' to talk about his upcoming sitcom 'YG Future Strategy Office'.

During the broadcast, SEUNGRI said, "A lot of you guys are asking me who appears in this sitcom in the comments. I'll call one of them now, actually. Okay, let me make a call to Yang Hyun Suk (the head of YG Entertainment)."SEUNGRIHowever, Yang Hyun Suk told SEUNGRI that he was unable to speak to him, so he said, "In that case, let me call BOBBY, because iKON has just released a new track 'GOODBYE ROAD'."

As soon as SEUNGRI called BOBBY, he answered the call right away.

SEUNGRI confidently tried to make a conversation with him, but for some reason, BOBBY sounded confused.

Soon, BOBBY found out that it was SEUNGRI on his phone, and apologized by saying, "Hyung, I'm so sorry. I changed my phone not long ago."

SEUNGRI laughed in embarrassment and said, "BOBBY, how could you? Are you trying to say goodbye to me, because you released 'GOODBYE ROAD'? I'm holding a live broadcast right now, and over 30,000 people are watching this, you know."SEUNGRIAfter hanging up, he complained that BOBBY changed his phone too often, and began calling WINNER's member MINO.

Unfortunately, a random person picked up his call and said, "I'm not MINO. You are trying to reach Song Min-ho, right? I've changed my number to this months ago, and I've been getting calls like this ever since."SEUNGRISEUNGRI had to apologized to this person, and complained as soon as he hung up by saying, "Why are these guys seriously not letting me know their new phone number after changing it?"

Then, he called BOBBY again and asked for B.I's number, but BOBBY said, "I'll have to get back to you on that. I'm at home with my family now, and I have some iKON members' number saved on my phone, but I don't have some of them. B.I's always around me, so I don't have his number. I'll get back to you soon."SEUNGRILater, SEUNGRI received a message from BOBBY, and called B.I, but he did not answer him.

He thought it may be because B.I did not save his number on his phone, so he texted him explaining that it was him who was calling him.

Almost towards the end of the broadcast, he luckily managed to speak to B.I.SEUNGRI'YG Future Strategy Office' is a sitcom which comically illustrates SEUNGRI's attempt to save YG Entertainment as the company faces difficulties in management out of the blue, and the first episode is scheduled to be released on October 5.

(Lee Narin, Credit= NAVER V LIVE, 'OfficialYGiKON' 'OfficialYGWINNER' Facebook) 

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