Tiffany Young Updates Her Life as an Acting School Student

Oct 2, 2018

Tiffany Young Updates Her Life as an Acting School Student
Tiffany Young from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation said she is still auditioning for roles to make debut as an actress.

On October 1, MBC's entertainment news show 'Section TV' aired an episode of Tiffany Young's recent interview.

During the interview, Tiffany Young gave an update on her life as an acting school student back in Los Angeles.TiffanyWhen the interviewer asked when about she will make debut as an actress, Tiffany Young answered, "I've actually only just finished my first year at my school that I began attending September last year."

With a laugh, she added, "I have been auditioning, but I have not passed any of them yet."TiffanyTiffanyLast year, Tiffany Young said goodbye to SM Entertainment, and began attending an acting school in her home country―the U.S.

This June, she signed a contract with Paradigm Talent Agency, which is known to be one of the best entertainment agencies in the U.S., and kicked off her career as a solo singer by releasing 'Over My Skin'.

Since then, she has been promoting herself as 'Tiffany Young'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Section TV)

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