Zo In Sung Does Not Want to Be Born Again?

Oct 2, 2018

Zo In Sung Does Not Want to Be Born Again?
Korean actor Zo In Sung mentioned how satisfied he is with his life.

On October 1 episode of MBC's special documentary 'Good Old Days, Back to Being 20' (literal title), Zo In Sung talked about his life as a successful actor.

Debuted as a commercial model in 1998, Zo In Sung gained famed after appearing in MBC's hit sitcom 'New Nonstop' in 2000.Zo In SungDuring the interview, Zo In Sung said he felt lucky to have given the opportunity to play a role in 'New Nonstop'.

The actor said, "It isn't easy for people to remember names of rookie actors, but I was lucky. Usually, your character has its own name, but I used my real name in 'New Nonstop'."

He continued, "If I hadn't used my name in the sitcom, it would have taken me much longer to come this far."Zo In SungZo In SungWhile some people in this world are so unhappy with their current lives that they wish they could be born again in a better environment, Zo In Sung revealed that that is not the case with him.

He explained, "I have worked extremely hard in this life that I don't want to be born again. I also think there is very little chance of me living this kind of life even if I were born again. I would say there's only about 0.001% chance."Zo In SungMeanwhile, Zo In Sung's new movie 'THE GREAT BATTLE' premiered in theaters on September 19.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC SPECIAL Good Old Days, Back to Being 20) 

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