VIDEO: IU Dazzles the Audience with Her Fairy-like Appearance!

Oct 2, 2018

VIDEO: IU Dazzles the Audience with Her Fairy-like Appearance!
K-pop artist IU made her fans' heart skip a beat with her adorable outfit.

On September 30, IU had a stage during 'Holgabun Market' (literal translation) held at 88 Square of Olympic Park, Seoul.
IUFor the stage, IU dressed up in a blue boxy knit sweater that compliments her figure, and completed her look by pairing a matching short grey skirt and black ankle boots.

The blue knit sweater was a perfect addition to her look, since it brought out the best in IU―her flawless skin.
IUBut IU's impeccable style wasn't the only thing that garnered the public's attention.
IUThe audience cheered when she managed to perform all the tracks superbly since every single one of her stage was live performance.

After watching the fancams of IU uploaded online, fans commented, "Her stylist definitely knows what she is doing.", "She looks prettier!", "I was impressed by her singing once again.", and many more.

Meanwhile, IU will hold her concert 'dlwlrma' in seven different cities as a part of her Asia tour starting from October to December.

Make sure to watch the full video of IU's angel-like performance above!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Bimong' YouTube)

(SBS Star)