KEY Says Taeyeon Was Extremely Popular When They Were Trainees?

Oct 2, 2018

KEY Says Taeyeon Was Extremely Popular When They Were Trainees?
K-pop boy group SHINee's member KEY revealed that one male trainee had a big crush on Girls' Generation Taeyeon when they were all trainees.

On the third episode of kakaoTV's 'Chungdam KEYchen', KEY and Taeyeon were spotted talking about their trainee days.

During the talk, KEY said, "Oh, I've actually wanted to make a comment on this again."Chungdam KEYchenAt this moment, Taeyeon's eyes twinkled in curiosity, but soon began worried, as she had no idea what KEY was about to say.

With a grin, KEY continued, "You were so popular among male trainees!"

As soon as she heard KEY, Taeyeon jumped in joy and excitedly said, "What? Me? Please make sure to you don't edit this part out. Who are you talking about?"Chungdam KEYchenKEY went on, "You know him! He gave you a teddy bear and flowers! I remember me and other male trainees were trying to make you two go out together, but trainees were not allowed to date, so nothing happened."

He added, "I wouldn't have been about to bring it up here if he made debut, but he quit training, remember?"Chungdam KEYchenTaeyeon responded, "Oh my goodness! Yes, I remember. I totally forgot that had happened. Tell me more."

"What?", KEY answered, looking confused.Chungdam KEYchenThen, Taeyeon realized that that was the end of the story and asked, "So, one. One is it, right?"

When KEY quietly said, "Yeah.", they burst into laughter, then moved on to another fun story from the past before their debut.Chungdam KEYchenChungdam KEYchen'Chungdam KEYchen' is a talk show in which KEY invites his friends over to for a special meal made by him, and takes time to have honest conversation with them after the meal.

(Lee Narin, Credit= kakaoTV Chungdam KEYchen)

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