SM Entertainment Makes Donation to Late JONGHYUN's 'Shiny Foundation'

Oct 2, 2018

SM Entertainment Makes Donation to Late JONGHYUN's 'Shiny Foundation'
SM Entertainment made a large donation to 'Shiny Foundation', the organization established by the family of the deceased SHINee member JONGHYUN.

According to Shiny Foundation on October 1, SHINee's management agency SM Entertainment handed a large sum of money to the foundation on the same day.
Shinin' FoundationShiny Foundation is a non-governmental organization established to help young artists by providing various support measures to those who are suffering from various issues.
Shiny FoundationThe organization's name 'Shiny' was named after JONGHYUN's posthumously-released solo track 'Shinin', in order to aid artists who are pursuing the same goal as JONGHYUN.
JONGHYUNAfter JONGHYUN passed away in 2017, SM Entertainment wrote on its social media account to honor him, "There was no one who loved music more than him, and enjoyed his time on stage, and loved to communicate with his fans through music. He was the best artist of all time. We will always remember him."

Alongside the consolation, the agency comforted his devastated fans by releasing a track 'Dear My Family' with JONGHYUN's voice.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Shiny Foundation, SM Entertainment, 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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