Super Junior EunHyuk Embarks on a Journey to Find His Own Protege

Oct 4, 2018

Super Junior EunHyuk Embarks on a Journey to Find His Own Protege
K-pop boy group Super Junior's EunHyuk is planning on being a great mentor to his trainees.

On October 4, MBC's upcoming survival audition program 'Under Nineteen' announced that EunHyuk is confirmed to join the program as a performance director.
EunhyukA source from the production team commented, "Please look forward to the combination of teen creators of 'Under Nineteen' and EunHyuk, the main dancer of Super Junior who led the Korean Wave."
EunHyukThe expectation towards EunHyuk's appearance in the show is skyrocketing since EunHyuk himself also made debut at 19, and got a lot of votes when 'Under Nineteen' asked the trainees who do they want as their mentor.

The source added, "Not only Super Junior opened a new chapter of K-pop, they also succeeded in securing its position as a living legend of K-pop with its performances. As performance is the thing that matters the most on stage, we chose EunHyuk as our performance director after a thorough consideration."
MBC Under Nineteen'Under Nineteen' is a survival audition program designed for teenage male contestants.

Also, the program will divide its competition into three parts (Vocal, Rap, and Performance), pick the best from each field, and launch a boy group with the winners of each part.
Crush & Dynamic DuoK-pop artist Crush and hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo will also join the program as a vocal and rap director, respectively.

'Under Nineteen' is scheduled to air its first episode in the first week of November.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= MBC Under Nineteen, 'gaekogeem' 'crush9244' 'eunhyukee44' Instagram)

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