Kim Hyun Joong Braces Himself for His Role in an Upcoming Drama

Oct 4, 2018

Kim Hyun Joong Braces Himself for His Role in an Upcoming Drama
Korean actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong is making his small screen comeback this fall.

On October 4, the production team of KBS W's upcoming drama 'At That Moment When Time Stops' (literal translation) unveiled photos of its cast members' first read-through.
Kim Hyun Joong'At That Moment When Time Stops' is a pre-filmed drama that covers a love story between 'Joon-woo' who can freeze time, and 'Sun-ah' (An Ji Hyuen) who owns a three-story building but have no actual powers.
Kim Hyun JoongAs their relationship develops, 'Joon-woo' starts to find meaning in life with the help of 'Sun-ah'.

For the first read-through of 'At That Moment When Time Stops', director Kwak Bong-chul, screenwriter Ji Ho-jin, and the whole cast including Kim Hyun Joong, An Ji Hyuen, Lim Ha-ryong, Joo Seok-tae, Kim Yang-woo, and Kim Han-jong made appearances.

The chemistry between the cast caught a lot of attention because not only their acting skills but also the harmony they created was so impeccable that made things difficult for everyone to believe that this was their first joint practice.

While practicing, Kim Hyun Joong and An Ji Hyuen successfully portrayed the character itself and surprised other cast and staff members on site with their realistic acting.
Kim Hyun JoongA source from the production team commented, "Even though its was our first practice, we were able to feel the cast's burning passion. 

Your love and support would be appreciated since the chemistry between the cast is beyond words, and they also succeeded in incarnating their character flawlessly."

Meanwhile, 'At That Moment When Time Stops' is scheduled to be aired on October 24 at 11PM KST.

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