Park Bo Gum Gets Surrounded by Fans in Cuba While Filming Drama

Oct 5, 2018

Park Bo Gum Gets Surrounded by Fans in Cuba While Filming Drama
Korean actor Park Bo Gum proved that he is overly popular even in Cuba.

Recently, Cuban K-drama fans shared pictures of Park Bo Gum in Havana, Cuba where he is currently busy filming his upcoming drama 'Boyfriend' with actress Song Hye Kyo.

The pictures seem to show the actor taking a break from the filming, but he is kind enough to pose for photos with fans who came to see him.Park Bo GumAfter seeing Park Bo Gum at the filming site, some fans shared their experience online.

One fan wrote, "I got to see Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo filming different scenes, and also how they interacted with the staff. What made my day even more special was that after almost about three hours watching them film, I was able to greet Park Bo Gum and he politely greeted me back. I will never forget everything that happened that day."Park Bo GumAnother fan wrote, "When Park Bo Gum walked right in front of me, time stopped and I stopped breathing. I really wanted to know what he looked like in person, and he is so cute. It was the best day of my life."

A fan who went to the filming site with her mother wrote, "He waved at me and my mom with a smile when he was sitting down at his resting place. He is just like a character from a novel; he is thin with a very beautiful face. Seeing him in person gave us great satisfaction."Park Bo Gum'Boyfriend' is a romance drama portraying a sad but beautiful love story between a wealthy divorced single woman 'Cha Soo-hyun' (Song Hye Kyo) and ordinary man working multiple part-time jobs named 'Kim Jin-hyuk' (Park Bo Gum) after unexpectedly meeting each other one day.

The expected airdate of 'Boyfriend' is some time in November.

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