IU's Present-like Past Pictures Are Under the Spotlight

Oct 5, 2018

IU's Present-like Past Pictures Are Under the Spotlight
K-pop artist IU's past pictures are making fans wonder if they really are her past pictures.

On October 5, IU shared three pictures of her young self on her social media account.

In the pictures, IU is dressed in different costumes for her characters for a talent show at her kindergarten.IUWhile many people look quite different when they are young to after growing up, her round eyes, pale skin, cute nose, and all the other facial features cry out that she is nobody but IU.

She looks so similar in these pictures to her present self that she could probably fool some people if she told them that these were taken just a minute ago.IUIUAlong with the pictures, she wrote, "I've always been that girl who belonged to the stage.", a statement that made everyone nod in agreement.

Meanwhile, IU is planning to unveil her new song 'BBIBBI' on October 10 for the first time in about a year after releasing her second remake album 'Kkot-Galpi #2: A Flower Bookmark'.IU(Lee Narin, Credit= 'dlwlrma' Instagram, '_IUofficial' Twitter)

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