U-KNOW Yunho Burns His Passion for Dance at Super Junior-D&E's Concert

Oct 5, 2018

U-KNOW Yunho Burns His Passion for Dance at Super Junior-D&E's Concert
Korean boy group TVXQ!'s leader U-KNOW Yunho was spotted burning his passion for dance at another boy group Super Junior-D&E's concert in Japan.

On October 3, two members of TVXQ!―U-KNOW Yunho and MAX Changmin went to see Super Junior-D&E's concert.

During the concert when Super Junior-D&E was performing its hit song 'Oppa, Oppa', Super Junior-D&E suddenly pointed towards the audience and said, "It's U-KNOW Yunho's dance time!"U-KNOW YunhoThen, the camera showed U-KNOW Yunho passionately dancing to the song while holding Super Junior's official light stick in his hand.

After showing some old school dance movements that well-suited the song, he moves on to show some popping as well.

It definitely seems like U-KNOW Yunho belongs to the stage rather than the audience.

With this video, U-KNOW Yunho once again proved that he is the symbol of passion.

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In the right corner of the video, there is one familiar face sitting down next to U-KNOW Yunho.

It actually is MAX Changmin laughing and pressing his hand against his forehead while watching U-KNOW Yunho's energetic dance.

His facial expression seems to say, "Seriously, hyung? Not again..."U-KNOW YunhoAfter watching this video, fans have been leaving comments such as, "Haha U-KNOW Yunho's never-ending passion! Even if he had completely covered himself, I'm pretty sure we will still be able to tell that it is him.", "Does he ever get tired?", "Can't stop laughing at MAX Changmin's face!", and so on. 

Meanwhile, TVXQ! has kicked off its Japanese concert tour '東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018 ~TOMORROW~' on September 26.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'Kyo Jin' YouTube/Online Community) 

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