VIDEO: Kim Do Yeon Takes It up a Notch to Be the Next Icon of Girl Crush!

Oct 5, 2018

VIDEO: Kim Do Yeon Takes It up a Notch to Be the Next Icon of Girl Crush!
K-pop girl group Weki Meki member Kim Do Yeon flaunted her physique that is almost too good to be true.

On October 4, Weki Meki's management agency Fantagio dropped the teaser of Weki Meki's comeback title track 'Crush',

In the teaser, Kim Do Yeon matched a crop top that compliments her thin waist with a leather pants.
Kim Do YeonKim Do Yeon who is little over 5'6", dazzled the audience with her stunning figure, especially with her abs.
Kim Do YeonAlso, the combination of the provocative outfits and her facial expression that just screams chic made her fans' heart literally skip a beat.
Kim Do YeonAt the end of the teaser, Kim Do Yeon hops on a motorcycle and suddenly vanishes.
Kim Do YeonThe fans' expectation towards the music video of 'Crush' has been doubled thanks to her dramatic exit.

For this title track, other members also stepped out of their comfort zone and came up with a whole new look that is even more enticing than the styles they pursued in its previous promotions.
Weki MekiWhilst watching the scene where the members are holding a gun as if they are carrying out a mission, one can easily sense that this would be a great stepping stone for Weki Meki.

Meanwhile, Weki Meki's first single album 'KISS, KICKS' will be released on October 11 at 6PM KST.

To watch Weki Meki's teaser of its upcoming title track 'Crush', click the video below!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Weki Meki' YouTube)

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