VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Loves His Fans More Than They Think!

Oct 5, 2018

VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Loves His Fans More Than They Think!
K-pop boy group BTS member JIMIN became a knight in shining armor to protect his fan.

According to BTS' fans who went to the group's world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' concert in Chicago on October 3, JIMIN started to notice something weird in the middle of its closing song.
BTS JIMINIt turns out, a fan who was enjoying BTS' concert in the standing area fainted and the security guards were looking for medical staff to get some help.
BTS JIMINIn the video, JIMIN stops mid-performance and stares at the fan who collapsed with a worried look on his face.
BTS JIMINAlso, JIMIN did not take his eyes off of his fan and waited until she was back on her feet.

After few seconds, he was finally able to resume his performance since the fan assured him that she was okay.
BTS JIMINThe video of JIMIN taking care of his fan went viral on multiple social media platforms.
Fans commented, "Judging from his behavior, I think he is a considerate person who cares a lot about his fans.", "He is so kind and sweet.", "We love you Chim- and ARMY who fainted I hope you're okay!", and many more.

Meanwhile, BTS will wrap up its North American tour on October 6 with the gig at the Citi Field, New York which can hold 40,000 seats in total.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'JiminPeru_' Twitter)

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