SEUNGRI Visits DAESUNG & TAEYANG While They Were Together at Festival

Oct 8, 2018

SEUNGRI Visits DAESUNG & TAEYANG While They Were Together at Festival
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member SEUNGRI visited his fellow members DAESUNG and TAEYANG while they were at a military festival together.

On October 7, SEUNGRI shared a picture taken with DAESUNG and TAEYANG on his social media account.

Along with the picture, he wrote, "I went to see brave and hard-working soldiers TAEYANG and DAESUNG hyungs at '2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKA'."BIGBANGAt '2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKA', DAESUNG and TAEYANG performed songs with actors Ko Kyoung Pyo, Joo Won, and hip-hop artist Beenzino.2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKAPreviously in September, '2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKA' released an official poster featuring DAESUNG, TAEYANG, Ko Kyoung Pyo, and Joo Won.

At that time, fans hoped to see their collaboration stage, and they saw their wish come true only after a month.2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKADAESUNG and TAEYANG enlisted in the military in March, and the other two BIGBANG members G-DRAGON and T.O.P are serving the national mandatory duty as well.

Currently, SEUNGRI is starring in YG Entertainment and Netflix's sitcom 'YG Future Strategy Office' that released its first episode on October 5.

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