Male Fans Are Jealous of HeeChul for His Close Friendship with Female Celebrities

Oct 8, 2018

Male Fans Are Jealous of HeeChul for His Close Friendship with Female Celebrities
Do you think men and women can be 'just friends'?

Even if everyone in this world shakes their head as in firm "No.", there is one person who will completely go against the world, and that is HeeChul from K-pop boy group Super Junior.

Due to his outgoing and fun personality, HeeChul is known to have many celebrity friends.

HeeChul especially keeps a close friendship with a number of members of girl groups, which makes many male fans jealous. 

Shall we take a look at who some of his close female celebrities are?

1. Taeyeon - Girls' GenerationHeeChulOnce, Taeyeon said, "I don't have many friends who I feel extremely close to, but HeeChul cares for me a lot. That's why our friendship is so tight."

HeeChul also said, "I love Taeyeon to bits. She's so important to me that I would instantly try to save her if I saw her drowning."

2. Seolhyun - AOAHeeChulSeolhyun and HeeChul actually belong to a group called 'shin-kim-chi' which another AOA's member Jimin and comedienne Kim Shin-young also belong to.

They frequently go on a trip together and support one another by going to each other's concerts.

3. YERI - Red VelvetHeeChulAlthough YERI and HeeChul are over 15-year-old different in age, they are extremely close.

They boast their friendship by posting pictures of themselves on their social media account.

4. HANI - EXIDHeeChulNot only HANI and HeeChul are look alike, but they are also great friends who are always there for each other.

Previously, HANI revealed, "HeeChul means a lot to me. When I was going through a really tough time, HeeChul helped me a lot."

5. Sulli - former f(x)HeeChulSulli and HeeChul became close as they are both under the same management agency―SM Entertainment.

They even exchange text messages in the middle of the night, which is something only close friends do.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'kimheenim' Instagram, Online Community)

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