Oct 10, 2018

Three members of K-pop boy group BIGBANG―TAEYANG, SEUNGRI, and DAESUNG performed for the first time in a while.

On October 9, SBS 'Han Bam' aired an episode showing TAEYANG, SEUNGRI, and DAESUNG meeting and performing together at '2018 Ground Force Festival with ROKA'.

While DAESUNG and TAEYANG were on stage, SEUNGRI joined them for a special stage for the audience.

When SEUNGRI came up on stage, he said, "By being with you two, it takes me back to the old times. We are all vocals of the group, you know. I remember when we used to sing some sentimental tracks together."BIGBANGTo show their agreement, TAEYANG and DAESUNG nodded, then SEUNGRI asked them a question about their military life.

He asked, "Are there tips on how to enjoy the life as a soldier?"

Somewhat soullessly, DAESUNG responded, "It is great being in the military. It's comforting."

TAEYANG added, "You will be able to experience something that you have never experienced in your life before."BIGBANGBIGBANGAfter listening to them, SEUNGRI jokingly commented, "Okay. Wow, I feel like I'm losing my energy just by hearing to that."
Then, they energetically performed one of BIGBANG's greatest hits 'FANTASTIC BABY' for the first time in over seven months since TAEYANG and DAESUNG's enlistment in March.

The three stars completely dominated the stage from the start until the end of the performance, and TAEYANG and DAESUNG showed that they still have not lost their swag.

Currently, SEUNGRI is the only member of BIGBANG who is not serving the national mandatory duty.

He recently revealed that he is planning to begin serving his mandatory duty in the beginning of next year.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Han Bam)

(SBS Star)