SHINee ONEW Makes Drastic Changes & Updates Social Media in 10 Months

Oct 10, 2018

SHINee ONEW Makes Drastic Changes & Updates Social Media in 10 Months
K-pop boy group SHINee's leader ONEW reassured fans that he is doing well by updating his social media for the first time in 10 months.

On October 8, ONEW surprised fans by sharing a post on his social media account for the first time since last December.

The post featured a picture of flowers and comment, "My mother has sent me this picture. Be happy, everyone. I'm doing well. I'm happy."ONEW's Social Media AccountAdditionally, fans noticed that he has only left SHINee-related posts and unfollowed everyone except the group's beloved member JONGHYUN, who passed away last December, and KEY. ONEW's Social Media AccountONEW's Social Media AccountHe also uploaded a picture on October 10, showing his willingness to properly activate his social media account again.

The picture is of the sunny blue sky, and he wrote, "Whoah, the weather! Have a great day!"ONEW's Social Media AccountAfter seeing updates on ONEW's social media account, fans left comments such as, "I almost had a heart attack when I received a notification for the update. I've missed you so much!", "I wonder what you were thinking when you were sorting out your posts. I'm still slightly worried about you, but I will stop worrying, as you said you are doing fine. Please always take care of yourself well, okay?", and so on.

Meanwhile, SHINee released a combined version of three of its sixth album series 'The Story of Light: Epilogue' on September 10.

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