HyunA Posts Pictures of Herself Enjoying a Date with E'DAWN

Oct 11, 2018

HyunA Posts Pictures of Herself Enjoying a Date with E'DAWN
K-pop artist HyunA posted pictures of herself on a date with her boyfriend E'DAWN.

On October 10, HyunA shared several pictures of her date with E'DAWN in Japan on her social media account.HyunA and E'DAWNIn the pictures, HyunA and E'DAWN are seen walking side by side, and holding hands just like other couples out there.

As they made their relationship public, the pictures show that they are not trying to hide their relationship from anyone anymore.HyunA and E'DAWNIn the beginning of August, HyunA and E'DAWN were rumored to be dating each other.

At that time, their management agency CUBE Entertainment denied the rumors.

However, HyunA and E'DAWN soon told the media that they have in fact been in a relationship for two years.HyunA and E'DAWNOn September 13, CUBE Entertainment officially announced they are going to be 'kicking out' HyunA and E'DAWN from the agency by saying, "We cannot rebuild the broken loyalty and trust with the two artists."

In the afternoon on the same day though, the agency changed their saying and revealed that they are going to be holding a board meeting to discuss the issue.HyunA and E'DAWNUntil now, no official announcement regarding their departure from the agency has been made, but some recent reports are saying that HyunA and E'DAWN are getting ready to part ways with the agency.

All K-pop fans, especially PENTAGON fans, are curious as to which path HyunA and E'DAWN will decide to take.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'hyunah_aa' Instagram)

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