GOT7 JACKSON Became Fluent in Korean Due to His Ex?

Oct 11, 2018

GOT7 JACKSON Became Fluent in Korean Due to His Ex?
JACKSON from K-pop boy group GOT7 revealed that he became fluent in Korean due to arguments with his past lover.

On October 10 episode of JTBC 'Let's Eat Dinner Together', JACKSON joined the host entertainer Lee Kyung-kyu at the dinner table.

While having dinner together, Lee Kyung-kyu asked JACKSON, "So, how long has it been since you came to Korea?"

JACKSON answered, "It's been about seven years. I've actually learned Korean with a textbook for only about a year. After that, I learned Korean by dating a Korean person. That's the fastest way to learn a language."JACKSONHe went on, "In order to become fluent in one particular language, not only you should know the language, but also understand the culture. You need to understand their humor as well, you know. Dating is the only way to do it. Textbooks don't tell you these things."JACKSONAfter a laugh, Lee Kyung-kyu asked, "How long were you in a relationship for then?"

JACKSON gave his honest answer, "I was in a relationship for about two and a half years to three years. My Korean improved so much during then."

He continued, "When I was dating her, my Korean became so much better because of the arguments that we had. I really wanted to express all my feelings when we were arguing, but I couldn't, since my Korean was not good enough. That motivated me to study hard. The studies paid off well, as I was able to argue back well because of it."JACKSONWhen asked whether if he solely studied Korean hard to argue back well, JACKSON replied, "Well, no, that wasn't the only reason why."

He added, "But if you really want to become fluent, you have to obsess over your boyfriend/girlfriend. That way, you will have more arguments."JACKSONAfter watching this episode, a lot of non-Korean fans have left comments such as, "Now we know why his Korean is so perfect!", "This is so funny! It's a great tip!", "Thanks, JACKSON! My next task is to look for a Korean guy to date. Where do I start, though?", and so on.

Meanwhile, GOT7 is keeping itself busy promoting the new title track 'Lullaby' since its release on September 17.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Let's Eat Dinner Together)

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