All 7 Members of BTS Are "Determined" to Enlist in the Military

Oct 11, 2018

All 7 Members of BTS Are "Determined" to Enlist in the Military
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea shared K-pop boy group BTS' reaction to the debate on military exemption.

On October 10, the annual audit took place at the National Assembly, and the amendments to the military exemption policy brought up as a topic of discussion.
The National Assembly (Yonhap)Liberty Korea Party's Cho Kyung-tae broached to talk, "BTS is spreading a high influence of the country and people ask why the members are not given a military exemption," and asked for the government's current standpoint regarding the issue.

In response, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Do Jong-hwan first shared what BTS members really feel about the idea.
Do Jong-hwan (Yonhap)Do Jong-hwan said, "All 7 members are very sensitive about the issue, and how media portray them like they actually don't want to enlist in the military. The members are very determined to serve their military duty no matter what."

He added, "Exemption and other opinions will be considered into the discussion. We plan to create a reasonable measure and to continue the discussion with the Military Manpower Administration and the Ministry of National Defense."
BTSEarlier this year, the reformation of military exemption policy became a hot topic in South Korea as politicians named BTS as an example.

Bareunmirae Party's Ha Tae-keung questioned the fairness of military exemption policy back in July, as winners of classical music competitions can be exempt from the duty while pop culture acts, including BTS, are not the case.

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Since then, the debate on whether the members of BTS are subjected to receive an exemption has been ongoing.

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