VIDEO: iKON Brings a Fall Breeze to 'Inkigayo' with Its New Songs

Oct 11, 2018

VIDEO: iKON Brings a Fall Breeze to 'Inkigayo' with Its New Songs
K-pop boy group iKON is back with songs that well-match fall, that one season that makes you easily emotional.

On October 7, iKON made the audience at SBS 'Inkigayo' shed tears with two sentimental tracks 'ADORE YOU' and 'GOODBYE ROAD'.

Both 'ADORE YOU' and 'GOODBYE ROAD' are from iKON's latest mini album 'NEW KIDS : THE FINAL' that was released on October 1.iKONBefore unveiling its title track, iKON sang one of the side tracks of the album 'ADORE YOU'.

'ADORE YOU' is a soft and heart-warming song that shows unique vocal colors of each member of the group.

The song starts off with its member DK sorrowfully singing, "The closer I get to you, I hide my true feelings from you, because I know this feeling won't stay strong forever. Let's stay as we are now, because this is the best we should get."

Then, it continues to tell the story of two people who are afraid to fall deeply in love as they know their relationship will have an end.

After 'ADORE YOU', iKON showcased the title track 'GOODBYE ROAD'.

Written and composed by B.I, the leader of iKON, just like most other songs of the group, it is a lyrical hip-hop track that is perfect to listen to in this emotional season.

In this song, a guy delivers his final goodbye to his lover by saying, "Bye, have a safe journey. When you walk on that 'goodbye road', forget about me. I hope you will only walk on the 'flower road' after leaving me.", even though he feels heartbroken about their breakup.

On this day, iKON members perfectly expressed their mixed emotions through their facial expressions and with their gentle dance moves.

Watch iKON's sorrowful stage above.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

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