VIXX N Shares That He Will Enlist in the Military Soon

Oct 12, 2018

VIXX N Shares That He Will Enlist in the Military Soon
K-pop boy group VIXX's leader/actor N said he is slowly getting ready for his upcoming military enlistment.

On October 11, N sat down for a press interview upon the finale of his recent drama 'Familiar Wife'.
VIXX NBorn in 1990, N is expected to enlist in the military sometime soon.

N honestly shared his thoughts about it, saying, "I'm currently preparing for that. I don't think it's something that I should hide, and I'm quite confident about it."

He continued, "You know, I have to go anyways. I think having the experience of enlistment will definitely help me in a sense when it comes to acting. I will go when I need to go, and I will come back after I diligently finished all my duty."
VIXX NVIXX NAs a idol-actor, N also shared his passion for acting.

N shared, "I had a lot to present to my fans, as I spent about five years as a singer trainee. I really want to develop my acting skills step by step, in order to fully present my acting through various projects."

He said, "I wish I can play a character who is rather introvert and has deeper thoughts. I still lack in so many things to play big roles, so I always want to learn more. I want to be an actor whom people can watch my acting comfortably."

(Credit= 'RealVIXX' Facebook, 'achahakyeon' Instagram)

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