Wanna One Park Woo Jin & SEVENTEEN HOSHI to Join 'Dancing High' as Special Judge

Oct 12, 2018

Wanna One Park Woo Jin & SEVENTEEN HOSHI to Join 'Dancing High' as Special Judge
K-pop boy group Wanna One's member Park Woo Jin and SEVENTEEN's HOSHI earned their spot in an audition program as judges. 

On October 12, a production team of KBS' survival audition program 'Dancing High' announced, "Wanna One Park Woo Jin and SEVENTEEN HOSHI will be joining the show as judges for our final. As they are also a passionate dancer themselves, I believe that they will be a good addition to the team and would be amazing at helping our contestants with their advice."
Park Woo Jin and HOSHI'Dancing High' is an audition program which provides a platform for teenage dancers to spread their wings and to learn from the best dancers in the country.
Park Woo Jin and HOSHIRenowned dancers such as Just Jerk and Lia Kim, and the members from K-pop boy group Highlight's Lee Gikwang, Former INFINITE HOYA, and WINNER's HOONY are planning on providing an insightful tips and guide the young souls to embark on their own journey.

Park Woo Jin from Wanna One is the group's main dancer who excel at powerful performances and HOSHI from SEVENTEEN is also known as a prodigy who is in charge of the group's choreography.
Park Woo Jin and HOSHINaturally, the fans are curious about what kind of tips and tricks will Park Woo Jin and HOSHI share with the contestants.
Park Woo Jin and HOSHIOn top of that, the fact that renowned dancers from each field such as Poppin Hyun Joon and J Black, will also join the program as judges made the public look forward to the special bond that will be created between them and the contestants.

The production team commented, "It is an honor to have these incredible dancers as our judges for our final. Our judges, famous performers from each field, will aid the contestants with practical advice and nurture them with love. Please send us a lot of love and support for us."

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of 'Dancing High' will be aired on November 12 at 11:10PM KST.

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