VIDEO: 'Master in the House' Members Become Pilots?

Oct 15, 2018

VIDEO: 'Master in the House' Members Become Pilots?
The cast of 'Master in the House' put on the pilot uniform and flew on the aircraft with their new master entertainer Kim Byung-man.

On October 14 episode of SBS 'Master in the House', the cast―Lee Sang Yun, Yook Sungjae, Yang Se-hyung, and Lee Seung Gi met their new master Kim Byung-man, who recently learned how to fly a non-commercial aircraft. 
Master in the HouseIn this episode, the four cast members were taken to a private airport where Kim Byung-man practices flying every day.

After learning about flying aircrafts, and dressing up as pilots, the cast and Kim Byung-man boarded the planes.

Kim Byung-man was on the controls on one of the planes in which Yook Sungjae got on.

Yook Sungjae seemed nervous when taking off, but soon became so relaxed that he was seen enjoying some coffee while looking at the views out the windows.

The other three members got on the plane with another pilot where Lee Sang Yun was given the chance to be his co-pilot.

Lee Sang Yun fully concentrated during the whole flight and even took the controls for a little while.

Yang Se-hyung and Lee Seung Gi sat at the back, screaming and holding tightly onto the plane whenever the plane moved up and down.

'Master in the House' is a television show by SBS in which the cast members spend time with masters of various fields in hopes of gaining knowledge and wisdom.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'sbsnow_insta' Instagram)

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