Lee Yeon Hee to Make the World a Better Place with a Talent Donation

Oct 16, 2018

Lee Yeon Hee to Make the World a Better Place with a Talent Donation
Actress Lee Yeon Hee showed her affection for children, the future of our society.

According to the BeautifulStore, an NGO that serves the public interest, Lee Yeon Hee will join the organization's book donation campaign 'B-Change' starting from October 22 to help the underprivileged kids to explore the world with books and broaden their horizon.
Lee Yeon HeeThe BeautifulStore is planning on receiving citizen's donations at one of their book stores in Jongno starting from October 22 to December 31.

Then, YeaRimDang, a publishing company will donate the exact same number of books as citizens to the local children's centre as a part of this meaningful campaign.

Citizens can participate in the campaign by visiting its store in Jongno and donating their books.Lee Yeon HeeTo encourage the public's interest in the aforementioned campaign, Lee Yeon Hee will hand out her favorite book with her autographs on it to the first 30 donors who donated more than 5 books.

Lee Yeon Hee commented, "I decided to get on board the minute I heard these two words-books, and children. I'm grateful to be a part of this campaign which will provide a valuable opportunity for children to learn, and grow through books."Lee Yeon HeeMeanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee received numerous compliments with her appearance in the second season of tvN's reality show 'Island Trio' that ended in September.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= BeautifulStore, 'beautifulstore' Facebook, SBS funE)

(SBS Star)