SOYOU Mentions How Much Money She Has Made So Far

Oct 16, 2018

SOYOU Mentions How Much Money She Has Made So Far
K-pop artist SOYOU/former girl group SISTAR's member surprised everybody by revealing that she owns a building.

On October 15 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Kim Seung Woo & Jang Hang-jun's Mr. Radio', SOYOU honestly talked about her income.SOYOUDuring the talk, one of the listeners sent in a message saying, "SOYOU, so many of your songs were mega-hit songs. You must earn a lot. I wonder how wealthy you are."

In response to this, one of the hosts Kim Seung Woo commented, "Isn't this too straight forward? Let me ask you this question instead. Do you own a building?"

With a shy smile, SOYOU nodded and said, "But I live in a rented house."SOYOUKim Seung Woo asked, "You even own a building! Why didn't you purchase a house?"

SOYOU answered, "I bought a house for my parents first, then purchased a building."

After finding out that she is a building owner, listeners of the radio could not help themselves but to keep wowing in amazement.SOYOUMeanwhile, SOYOU released the second part of her first solo album 'RE:FRESH' on October 4.

(Lee Narin, Credit= STARSHIP Entertainment, KBS Cool FM Kim Seung Woo & Jang Hang-jun's Mr. Radio)

(SBS Star)