iKON JAY Shares the Creepy Experience of Waking Up Next to Knife at Unknown Place

Oct 17, 2018

iKON JAY Shares the Creepy Experience of Waking Up Next to Knife at Unknown Place
K-pop boy group iKON's member JAY shared the creepiest experience of waking up next to a knife in a dark room one day.

On October 16 episode of MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star', JAY talked about the time when he thought someone had kidnapped him.Video StarDuring the talk, another member of iKON JU-NE said, "This was some time ago. JAY came back to the dorm looking like he's had a lot of drinks the night before, so we went to get some food together for our hangover."

JU-NE added, "While we were eating, JAY said, 'I thought I got kidnapped. I was so scared.' He didn't get kidnapped though. I find JAY so mysterious sometimes."Video StarJAY explained, "That was when I completely blacked out because it had been really long since I last drank alcohol. After having some drinks, I woke up at an unfamiliar place. It was pitch dark. I started panicking, and groping around. Then, I felt that there was a knife next to me."Video StarVideo StarJAY continued, "I quickly found the door, then ran out with a knife in my hand. But it turned out I was in an unused storage at our apartment complex. It was so peaceful outside. So, I went back to put down the knife and walked back to our dorm."Video StarAfter listening to JAY's story, one of the hosts Park Na-rae jokingly commented, "I know an expert who can help you. You should go see her some time. Seeking professional help isn't something to get embarrassed of." 

Meanwhile, iKON returned for the third time this year with another great track 'GOODBYE ROAD' on October 1.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 Video Star)  

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