GOT7 YOUNGJAE Sweetly Helps One Fan Who Missed Train Back Home

Oct 17, 2018

GOT7 YOUNGJAE Sweetly Helps One Fan Who Missed Train Back Home
K-pop boy group GOT7's member YOUNGJAE showed his sweet manners to one fan who missed the train back home.

Recently, a member of I GOT7 (the name of GOT7's fan club) shared screenshots of a conversation between YOUNGJAE and one fan from the group's official fan site online. GOT7The screenshots were from the special page on the fan site where GOT7 and fans can talk to each other by leaving comments on a post.

In the screenshots, you can see a fan's original post that says, "I'm still in Daegu, because I missed the train back home. It's my first time visiting this area, so I'm really scared. Will I be able to get to school on time? It's so cold that I keep shivering."

YOUNGJAE wrote in the comment section, "Where are you heading to? I'll check the train time for you."GOT7The fan replied, "I'm going to Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. I need to get there before my school starts, but there are no trains that run early enough. It's so scary to be out here all alone in an area where I don't know. Plus, it's really cold."

Within minutes, YOUNGJAE left a comment saying, "Hey, if you keep thinking that it's scary, then it's going to feel scarier. Keep thinking that it's fine. The first train is at 6:42, and it looks like you can get a seat."

He added, "Just wait at the terminal. Get yourself some hot drink as well!"GOT7After reading YOUNGJAE's sweet replies, I GOT7 as well as a lot of other K-pop fans have been saying things like, "Did my heart skip a beat just by reading his comments?", "I swear he is the sweetest person on the planet!", "I seriously can't help myself but to fall for this guy more and more each day.", and so on.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JYP Entertainment, Online Community)

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