iKON Members Say If SONG Ever Loses His Phone, They Have to Leave Korea?

Oct 17, 2018

iKON Members Say If SONG Ever Loses His Phone, They Have to Leave Korea?
K-pop boy group iKON revealed that there are lots of secretive pictures and videos in one of the members SONG's phone that should never be out.

On October 16 episode of MBC every1's radio show 'Video Star', all members of iKON―B.I, BOBBY, JAY, JU-NE, SONG, DK, CHAN made a guest appearance.

During the talk, DK playfully said, "The moment I decide to let everything out about iKON members, the life of iKON as a K-pop group will end right there."iKONHe added, "But also, we all have to leave Korea after making an emergency call to Yang Hyun Suk (the head of iKON's management agency YG Entertainment) if SONG's phone ever goes missing."

When the hosts asked why that was the case, B.I explained, "Whenever we do something silly, SONG films us. He is always quietly filming us in the corner."

SONG laughed and responded, "True. There are some legendary ones in my phone."iKONDK said, "It's almost traumatic for me that I couldn't even fall asleep properly when I had to sit next to SONG on the plane."

CHAN also said, "Same for me. If that happens to me, I sleep with a mask on."iKONAfter listening to them, JU-NE said, "That's nothing, guys. There are like over 100 naked pictures of me in SONG's phone. There were times when I was comfortably just fooling and dancing around without any clothes on, because I trusted our members. But later, SONG shared a video of me doing that on our group chat room."

In his defense, SONG said that video was taken because JU-NE was making fun of him at that time.iKONMeanwhile, iKON has been actively promoting its new track 'GOODBYE ROAD' that was released on October 1.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 Video Star) 

(SBS Star)