iKON Members Reveal Funny Nicknames Children Named Them

Oct 17, 2018

iKON Members Reveal Funny Nicknames Children Named Them
K-pop boy group iKON shared its take on the title, the president of elementary school students.

On October 17, iKON dropped by KBS Cool FM's 'Moon Hee Jun's Radio Show' as a surprise guest.
iKONDuring the interview, the host Moon Hee-jun asked, "I heard that 'LOVE SCENARIO' is gaining a phenomenal popularity among elementary school students. Did any of you see that coming?"

SONG answered, "I mean, the idea of singing along to our song already seemed pretty preposterous but to our rap? We certainly didn't see that coming. It was incredible."iKONB.I added, "Some kids call me "rib bro", and I think that's because I used the word "rib" in the lyrics of 'LOVE SCENARIO'."

He continued, "When I was working on this track, I felt like I went back to my childhood. Writing this song was more of a play rather than work. I think that's pretty much the reason that we were able connect with the younger fans."
iKONWhen the host asked if they ever got a letter from the elementary school students, B.I replied, "One of our fans is actually an elementary school teacher, and she gathered all the letters that her students wrote for us and handed them to me. They called us 'Mr. LOVE SCENARIO' and it was the cutest thing ever."
iKONAt the end of the show, Moon Hee-jun commented, "I think iKON's songs work on every level. It's the kind of track that every generation can enjoy. I mean, once you hear it, you can't help but fall in love with it."

Meanwhile, iKON is concentrating on the promotion activity of its title track 'GOODBYE ROAD' released on October 1.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= KBS Cool FM Moon Hee Jun's Radio Show, YG Entertainment)

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