VIDEO: NCT 127 Proves It Is Not Just a 'Regular' Group!

Oct 17, 2018

VIDEO: NCT 127 Proves It Is Not Just a 'Regular' Group!
K-pop boy group NCT's sub-unit NCT 127 has returned with an interestingly-blended song of pop and Latin-trap 'Regular'.

On October 14 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', NCT 127 unveiled two tracks 'Come Back' and 'Regular' from its first full album 'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular'.

'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' was released on October 12, and it contains 11 unique tracks that show different colors of NCT 127.NCT 127First, NCT 127 boosted up the energy at 'Inkigayo' by performing an upbeat track 'Come Back'.

'Come Back' is an urban dance genre that has some great synth bass lines and frantic beats.

In contrast to this exciting melody, NCT 127 compares going through a breakup to having a nightmare in the lyrics.

NCT 127 says, "Without you, every day seems like a nightmare. Please come back to me.", "The good times that we had faded away as if they were just parts of my dream.", "It feels like you are almost inked to me that I can't seem to erase you. The shades of you linger in me like a nightmare.", and so on.

Then, NCT 127 showcased its title track of the album 'Regular'.

'Regular' is a hybrid track blending pop and Latin-trap with a suspenseful build.

The song as well as the choreography are both so powerful that they easily make all people lock their eyes on NCT 127 while watching its performance.

Through the song, NCT 127 members express that one dream that everyone has at least once dreamed of―becoming extremely rich one day.

Watch NCT 127's impressive comeback stages above!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

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