A Street Newspaper Sells Out Everywhere with the Help of EXO & EXO-L

Oct 18, 2018

A Street Newspaper Sells Out Everywhere with the Help of EXO & EXO-L
The vendors of 'The Big Issue' expressed their gratitude to K-pop boy group EXO and its fans EXO-L for buying the paper.

Recently, some pictures of the vendors of 'The Big Issue' thanking EXO and EXO-L began gaining attention online.

In the pictures, the vendors of the newspaper wrote messages such as , "Thank you EXO-L for buying the copies from me. As I have run out of the copies, I'll have to grab some more from the office. I'll be back soon.", "The copies were sold out from me for the first time in a while. Thank you, EXO and EXO-L.", and so on.EXOEXO'The Big Issue' is a street newspaper that provides the opportunity to homeless people or individuals at risk of homelessness to earn a legitimate income by selling the paper on their located street.

It is sold for 5,000 won (approximately 4.40 dollars) and half of the earnings from each copy go to the vendors.

The reason why the latest copy of 'The Big Issue' is experiencing shortage is due to the fact that there are pages where EXO's autographs and hand-written messages can be seen.EXOPreviously in December 2017, #168 of 'The Big Issue' featuring KAI from EXO reached the highest number of sales since the paper started selling in Korea in 2010.

At that time, one of the vendors said in the interview, "I would like to thank KAI and his fans for making my winter warmer."

Meanwhile, EXO is scheduled to release the group's fifth full album 'DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO' on November 2.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'TheBigIssueKorea' 'weareoneEXO' Facebook, Online Community)

(SBS Star)