Apink EUNJI Insists That She Would Make a Great Radio Host!

Oct 18, 2018

Apink EUNJI Insists That She Would Make a Great Radio Host!
It looks like K-pop girl group Apink's EUNJI is quite the go-getter.

On October 18, EUNJI dropped by SBS POWER FM's 'Cultwo Show' as a special host and showed off a great chemistry with the host of the show, Kim Tae Kyun.
EUNJITo express gratitude to EUNJI's surprise visit, the host said, "With all that acting and singing, I personally am a huge fan of you. I don't know if she read my mind or not but today, she paid a surprise visit to our show."
EUNJIEUNJI commented while confessing her love for the show, "When I'm bored, I watch a lot of your best episodes. I'm so grateful to take on this important and demanding role."

She added, "A chance to be the host of the radio would really mean a lot to me. If there's anyone who wants to hire me for your show, please give me a call."
EUNJIWhen Kim Tae Kyun said, "Lot of executives listen to our radio.", EUNJI replied with a cute smile on her face, "Please keep me in mind when you need a host. Thank you in advance."
EUNJIEUNJI continued while displaying her strong ambition, "A show that starts around 2PM would work for me. This show also would be a great opportunity for me. If possible, I hope I could host this show until the former host Jung Chan Woo comes back."

Meanwhile, EUNJI returned to the stage with her third solo mini album 'Hyehwa' on October 17.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show)

(SBS Star)