Yulhee & FTISLAND Minhwan to Hold a Private Wedding Ceremony Today

Oct 19, 2018

Yulhee & FTISLAND Minhwan to Hold a Private Wedding Ceremony Today
Yulhee, a former member of girl group LABOUM, and Minhwan, a member of K-pop boy group FTISLAND are finally having their wedding.

On October 19, Yulhee and Minhwan are planning on holding a small private wedding ceremony.
Minhwan & YulheeThe wedding will not be open to the public since the couple decided to only invite their close acquaintances to the ceremony including the members of FTISLAND.

Back in May, Minhwan posted a letter on FTISLAND's official fan page to share the news that they are expecting a baby and already legally married.
Minhwan & YulheeHowever, with Yulhee being pregnant, they had no choice but to postpone the wedding to October in order to provide Yulhee enough time to get a decent postnatal care and recover from her condition.
Minhwan & YulheeYulhee gave birth to their precious child, Jae-yul on June 18, and ever since then, the couple focused on exploring the world of parenting.

After they got married, Minhwan decided to keep pursing his music career as a member of FTISLAND, but Yulhee left LABOUM.

The pulic is celebrating and blessing their marriage and five-month-old baby boy with many supportive comments.

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