Red Velvet SEULGI Unveils Her Superpower―High Alcohol Tolerance!

Oct 19, 2018

Red Velvet SEULGI Unveils Her Superpower―High Alcohol Tolerance!
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's SEULGI revealed a fun fact about her.

On October 8, Red Velvet held an online fan meeting through 'oksusu', a streaming site.

During the fan meeting, IRENE noticed one of the comments that refered to SEULGI as "Drunken SEULGI".
SEULGIIt turns out that "Drunken SEULGI" was a nickname that was given by JOY after she saw the video of SEULGI got drunk on the set.

When the fans kept asking SEULGI how much she could drink, she finally answered, "I guess I could drink one and a half bottles of soju. It depends on the situation but I've never gotten wasted."
SEULGISEULGI also added that she likes to take her time and tends to eat a lot of snacks when drinking.

Everyone was surprised by her high alcohol tolerance since SEULGI was known for her cute and innocent girl next door look.

Then, out of the blue, JOY made everyone burst into laughter by telling a hilarious story of SEULGI that happened while ago.
SEULGIJOY said, "The other day, I went to the convenience store to get a can of beer and two bottles of soju. And then, when I got home, she asked me if she could take a sip. So I said yes, and when I came back, all the drinks were gone."

SEULGI try to explain the situation by saying, "I waited for her for like an hour or something. I thought she wasn't coming back."
SEULGIThen JOY continued, "She got totally wasted and cried on my shoulders."

SEULGI said, "Yep, I did that. But not anymore. That's the old me. Now I became a much better drinker."

IRENE laughed and said "It wasn't that long ago."
SEULGIAfter hearing about SEULGI's embarrassing but amusing story, fans commented, "It's like she has a different persona or something.", "She is the cutest thing ever!" and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= oksusu LEVEL UP Project 3)

(SBS Star)